Seed to Harvest Mentorship, April - October, 2024

Most people think growing legal hemp (aka Cannabis) is something that is done by experts at a farming scale – but it’s far from the case.

Gardeners, herbalists, medicine makers, and even beginners can now grow Cannabis themselves – and I'm here to show you the kind of results you can achieve.

This program will help you successfully grow up to 12 - 20 plants from seed to harvest. You'll have seeds, lessons, live Q&A calls, and a private social community through the entire growing season so you can have an abundant harvest.

Students in last year’s program were able to grow their own Cannabis, and lots of it. I’ll get into the numbers below, but let’s just say you’ll need to make a lot of space in the pantry.

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a program that guided you from start to finish.

A low estimate is about $2,250 worth of home-grown Cannabis – and that’s a very low estimate (again keep reading). Make medicine and you’re adding more value.

This program empowers you to grow the flowers to make medicine for yourself or provide for a local medicine maker – all part of my mission to make medicine, growing, and health more accessible to you.

You do the math, and yet there is more...

Every year we include unique bonuses. Here are the bonuses for the 2024 session.

⭐️ Bonus #1: An advanced Cannabis curing and storing workshop! (worth $225)

⭐️ Bonus #2: A free pack of seeds (worth $50)

⭐️ Bonus #3: The book, The Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis, by ME!

⭐️ Bonus #4: Free Admission to my "In Person Grow Series" at Heartstone.

Register today and you’ll get your bonus pack of seeds by April 15th, just in time to start germinating seeds with the group.

Live Events During Enrollment Week!

If you'd like to learn more about my approach to growing and working with Cannabis, please check out one of my upcoming live events.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Supply list of what you’ll need for the entire process.
  • Live classes with video instruction over the entire 6-month process, at each step along the way from germination to harvest & curing
  • Regularly scheduled live Q&A sessions
  • Access to me and a community of students in a private forum
  • Bonus! A book companion for the course, my NEW book: The Beginners Guide to Growing Cannabis
  • Bonus! 6 seeds of 3 different feminized varieties (18 total seeds) from Oregon CBD & ColoradoCBD.
  • Recognizing the variation in soil fertility, climate, pest pressures, anywhere from 20 ounces to 20 pounds of flowers.
    • A good low-ball estimate is 3-4 ounces per female plant.

More details about the seeds coming soon!

  • Certificates of Analysis provided

Program Includes

  • 6 months of scheduled events, from seed to harvest
  • Library of resources, recorded classes, and supply list
  • Community support inside a private network just for growers
  • Access to me, the instructor, throughout the entire process


  • April - Enrollment
  • May - Germination
  • June - Transplanting
  • July - Pruning & Pest Management
  • August - Pruning
  • September - Harvest, Curing & Storage


  • Live video instruction at each step of the entire process of growing Cannabis from germination to harvest.
  • Introductory class on the life cycle of the Cannabis plant
  • Introductory class on the Endocannabinoid system and how the Cannabis plant interacts within our body.
  • The herstory of our relationship with the Cannabis plant.
  • Live Q&A sessions for each stage of growth
  • Grower’s supply list you can bring to your hardware store

Mentorship – You've got me by your side

I’ll be growing the same strains at the same time. This means I can show you what I’m seeing as well as alert you to slight corrections you might need to be doing.

In our private forum, you can share images, questions, and we can make sure your plants are healthy and growing.

And I should mention, the supply list includes things you can get at your average hardware/garden supply shop.

Our Private Grower’s Community

After you enroll you’ll receive an invite into our private network where you can create a profile, introduce yourself, meet other growers, and get answers to questions.

This has been my favorite part of the program and feels much less like an “online course” and like a class where we get to know each other and celebrate our successes together.

  • Growing alone
    • Questions always come up
    • Uncertainty
    • Brink of making a mistake that will cost your entire harvest
  • Growing together
    • Discuss what’s happening with your plants
    • Troubleshoot issues that come up
    • Direct mentorship from me
    • Share your progress
    • Avoid costly mistakes and learn as you go

Hear from last year’s students

First Time Grower

Experienced Grower

Step by step and group support

Every Inch of the Way


Letter to Future Growers

Balanced in science, health, connection

Your Instructor

Tammi Sweet
Tammi Sweet

Tammi Sweet loves to teach. It’s her superpower. She has a magical ability to connect with almost anyone when teaching and help them understand complex material.

For over 30 years, Tammi has shared her gift of teaching at various colleges, massage schools and herbal schools throughout the country. Her background in physiology makes her an invaluable resource to developing herbalists, massage therapists and anyone wanting to care for their bodies alike, who want to deepen their foundational knowledge of the body.

In addition to her physiology expertise, Tammi is also a practitioner and teacher of herbal medicine. She is deeply influenced by her studies with accomplished herbalists, including Rosemary Gladstar, Pam Montgomery, Brooke Medicine Eagle,Tom Brown, Jr. and especially Stephen Buhner’s pioneering work on the heart as an organ of perception.

In 2007, Tammi set out to “combine all the things I love into one curriculum and teach whatever I wanted in ways that made sense--on my own terms.” So she and her partner Kris Miller launched the Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials.

At Heartstone, Tammi and Kris run two residential programs, an Herbal Apprenticeship and Journey of the Heart. They also offer online courses that integrate physiology and plant medicine with Tammi’s love of teaching, such as her signature course Anatomy & Physiology for Herbalists.

Tammi’s vision is for Heartstone to co-create a space with the land, where people can come "home," take refuge and find the sacred both on the land and within themselves and facilitate healing. When not teaching, Tammi loves to spend time alone and ‘recharge’ by exploring the land, writing, and hiking.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The mentorship program begins now with a pack of seeds and a materials list. Then, over the next 7 months we'll work together through each step of the process of growing. There are lessons, achievements, live meetings, and even a private social network just for you to meet other students in the program and keep up with your progress.
How much plant material will I grow?
After doing the math, a low estimate would provide 3 ounces/plant. Let’s say you start with 20 seeds and only 15 of them survive and yield our low-estimate. Well, that’s almost 3 pounds pounds of flowers you can use for medicine! However, if you are a star student and the season treats you well, you could grow up to 15-20 pounds. I know, that’s pretty amazing. Just for perspective, let’s say you were going to buy plant material for making your own medicine – you can expect to pay $600 - $1,600 per pound (market rate). So if you grew 3 pounds (again, our low estimate) you’re looking at $1800 to $4800 worth of cannabis!
What will I do with so much Cannabis?
First, this program comes with a special advanced workshop on curing and storage, so we’ve got you covered there. You can also make medicine, which is essentially a way to preserve the qualities that you want and extend the shelf-life and increase the value! If you don’t want to make medicine you can become a provider for a local medicine maker. And if you want to learn about making medicine, keep reading.
Can you help me make medicine?
I’d love to, in fact, I have a program that goes into all the nuances of making medicine with Cannabis. Some students are making medicine for themselves and others have used the program to create their own product line of high-quality, whole plant medicine. When you register, you’ll receive a link to purchase the Medicine Making Program at a $50 off for Grow! Students. Using the math above, let’s say you had a really rough year and only grew one pound (my lowest estimate). With this pound you can make 120 Ounces of medicine. The market price for quality CBD tincture is $40-$70 /oz, but let's say you were making products for sale (for perspective sake) you could earn $5000-$8750with the low estimated one pound of flowers you'd grow with this program.
I’m totally new at gardening. Will this be too complicated?
If you’ve never gardened before you’ll lack some experience but it won’t necessarily be too complicated if you’re prepared to spend a little more time observing your plants and engaging in a little background research if need be.
I live in a different growing region, will I be out of sync with the program?
It’s true that if you are in a similar season to upstate/central New York you will be more aligned with the demonstrations you see in the class. However, conditions will vary student to student anyways, it’s simply the nature of things. So, to support you and other students we’ve put together a private social forum where you can connect with other students near you, and participate in a lively discussion on all the topics from germination, planting, nutrients, sexing your plants, etc… The student forum will help you find people that you are in sync with, but what you’ll learn is how to know where you are in the process and what to do, so you don’t even need to be in sync with me to make healthy choices about your plants.
Are these plants even LEGAL?
Important disclaimer: While I support everyone in making informed decisions, I cannot and do not give legal advice in this program or in any related materials. The seeds are certified to be federally compliant. Individual states have the same requirements. The states decide who gets to grow hemp and it varies from state to state. Some require you to have a license you apply for, some have no requirements for growing hemp and still 4 others say it’s illegal (even though the federal government says it is legal). You must check with your state to determine what their requirements are.
Do I need a license to grow 12 - 20 plants?
I cannot provide a clear answer for every possible state, so what I’ve been suggesting is that you do your research and make the decision that feels right to you. One place to start your research is here, This is an individual decision and I want you to do what feels right to you. I will ship the book (and free seeds) to anyone.
Where did you get the seeds?
By using the same seeds you can have a shared growing experience with me and the rest of the class. You can also use seeds that will grow only flowering female plants, the kind we use for medicine. Seeds come from Oregon CBD, and are certified to be federally compliant.
What if my seeds don’t germinate?
If you follow instructions and your seeds fail to germinate, I can send some replacement seeds, but maybe not all four different varieties. Because some seeds might not germinate I always tell people to count on at least 15 plants out of the 20 seeds you’ll receive. (The breeder usually guarantees 98% germination)
Does it smell?
Yes, when these plants are flowering they smell very strong and they look and smell like “pot”. This is an important consideration if you are concerned about unwanted attention to your plants.
What’s your refund policy?
I want you to be 100% satisfied with the investment you’re making in your education, so if for any reason you are unhappy with the purchase within 14 days you can receive a full refund. However, since this program includes sending you a book and pack of seeds we request that you also return these items unopened within 14 days. You would be responsible for return shipping.
When will this version of the mentorship be available again?
Next spring we will start the whole process over again, but the price and current bonuses might change.
Should I also enroll in the Medicine Making course? Is there a bundle?
Glad you asked! When you enroll in Grow! you’ll get a special link where you can join the Medicine Making program for $50 off.

Important Disclaimer:

While I support everyone in making informed decisions, I cannot and do not give legal advice in this program or in any related materials.